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According to the survey, the loneliness issue among international students is getting worse each year, while one of the root reasons behind it was caused by being or feeling isolated. A puddle of water is an organisation that focuses on the issue and aims to provide various supports. We are trying to build the connection between international students from various places, also let international students engage with local people. We want to help lonely international students adapt to the environment better. In the end, these solutions can lessen the loneliness issue among international students. 

Water is our main symbol for this project. Water is flexible and fluid, it can be separated easily into individual drops, but it can also blend into river and ocean and become part of a large group. Water is used as a metaphor to describe international students' situation, who are separated from their familiar environment  and tries to fit into a new place. One small drop of water represents each international student. We maintain the ambition of breaking the isolation situation and act as a puddle that contains new possibilities and accepts drops from all over the world. Eventually, it helps the international student to merge into the wider river and ocean that is strong and united to fight loneliness.  

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