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Have you ever felt lonely? According to the survey, there are 44 out of 61 international students had experienced symptoms of loneliness since coming to the UK. It’s really normal that if you are an international student and feel lonely, international students are far away from home, and have to deal with language barrier, visit doctor alone, celebrate holiday with themselves. You have to know you are not the only one! When you are feeling lonely, you can try to see yourself from a third-party perspective, and realized the feeling you have, like actor are acting a character and trying to feel as their characters. Then waiting for the bad feeling gone. During this time, doing something to spent time for lessening lonely. We have some useful advice here, they are collected by us from some academic research, survey and interview with international students. Hope they can help you throughout Loneliness.


1. Contacting someone who is close to you

When you feel lonely you must be want to have someone to talk. You can contact those people who know you best or you trust with. Such as picking up your phone and calling your best friends, or your family folks, especially your parents. They are people who love you most in the world. Choosing who to talk to is up to you, you can decide who is the most suitable person to talk to for your situation right now. They probably won’t be all not free at the same time, and they are willing to hear from you all the time for sure because you are also the most important person for them.


2. Watching nice movie

Maybe you just want to be alone, but you also want to get away from loneliness. Having a nice movie is a good way to kill time, as duration takes time. And it could bring you outside from your surrounding into another life temporarily. Trust me, after 1 hour you will feel better!


3. Listening to good music

Music is an emotional frequency and humans are sensitive to it. So play some music, and turn them loud! Let music fill the room and sound you, it will make you feel like being accompanied.


4. Having some lovely food

If you feel bad mentally, then makes your mouth feel happy instead. Enjoy food slowly. You can even take 1 minute to eat a piece of chocolate and pay attention to your tongue. You'll feel like it's never tasted so good and you can get satisfaction after this.


5. Shopping some healing objects

Shopping could make people get a sense of satisfaction. Buy yourself something that can make you happy. Sometimes objects could also bring you company and comfort.


6. Going outside

Don’t lock yourself in the room and take through alone. Get in touch with the world outside rapidly. You can go to a park and enjoy the beautiful landscape, or walk on a crowding street. Sometimes loneliness comes from the sense of emptiness and boring. Going outside could put youself into a noisy environment with various information, which can help you against loneliness.


7. Getting involved in social activities

Keep an eye on those posters on campus and join some activities. Social with people and start talking is the most common way to solve loneliness.


8. Sleeping

There's nothing a nice sleep can't fix. If you have time, you can take a nap, which can help you quickly pass the time when you feel lonely.


9. Stepping out of your comfort zone

For international students, loneliness sometimes is a kind of feeling of isolation. Being in a strange environment, speaking with second language and getting in touch with different cultures could bring nervousness. The feeling of isolation may be caused by being different from others and unable to fit in. This is the ‘comfort zone that is really common among international students. It causes them to isolate themselves in a new environment. Although it does take courage to break it out, it does gain new things after breaking out, which is also the meaning of studying abroad. So don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, and if you feel uncomfortable, try taking one small step at one time. When you do this, you will find it is not as difficult as you thought, and will even gain more happiness. You can learn about the local culture in your free time, or find a group of people who have the same topic or interest to develop your interests together. Don't be afraid of language barriers, speak up bravely, and take these opportunities to improve your English.


Remember: don’t do things that go against your heart just for getting out of your comfort zone. Don’t limit yourself within your field, but also not force yourself too much.


10. Seeking help from professionals

If you still feel bad after trying every solution you’ve known, don’t forget to look for a professional consultation.  Both schools and GP clinics have counselling rooms that are always ready to help you. Here is a link to Kingston student Wellbeing and Counselling:

Last but not least. Love yourself and learn to enjoy loneliness. I know it’s hard, and if you still dislike your lonely time, you can just follow the suggestions listed here. But they are not long term solutions. Just try to find something that interests you. It’s a really good opportunity for you to develop your personal interest. The more time you spend on something you like the more confident you will feel. It’s fine to have your own time.

However, you have to know, all emotions are temporary, and loneliness is no exception. No one is living in negative emotions forever or be happy forever. The feeling of loneliness will eventually pass. Wishing you could get over loneliness and have best accompany and happiness soon!

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